Monday, 2 March 2015

Some Days

Some days
No matter
How hard you try
You just aren't able to
Crawl out of the sadness
Find your goodness
Be that radiant light

No matter how hard
You kick your Doc Martens
At life, it just kicks right back
... with steel toed work boots

I believe in cycles
In the ebbing and flowing
Of mystical, magical
Cosmic energies
Of catching that
Perfect wave
And riding it in

But some days
The motion is 
So very slow
And the emotion 
I am trying 
To flow with 
Heavy and heartless

Like that giant wave 
The one that comes 
Out of nowhere 
Crashing against you
Just As you turn 
Your back on that
Vicious capricious sea
Submerging you
Hurling you 
Through vast
Murky waters
Until it tosses you 
Bruised and shaken
On some sandy beach 
But with less confidence
Less surety of purpose, 
Less  poise

Some days 
There are just too many 
Crashing waves

Some days like today

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