Friday, 13 March 2015

A State of Grace

Some long sweet days
I'm surprisingly graceful
Most days I merely attempt
That soft state of grace

I often wonder if intent
Is enough or merely
Another excuse for
Another clumsy failure

We stumble along looking
Seeking, searching, 
Even desperately begging
Hands out in supplication

Sometimes we finally fall 
Long and soft and helplessly 
Into strong warm waiting arms 

Sometimes our face smacks hard
Against cold brutal, barren
Unforgiving winter ground

Even then we find ourselves
Gently lifted up by hope, belief

And, yet, still...

When we least expect it
When our gait is filled 
With so much grace it shines
Our heart brimming with love

There is a dip in the road
An unexpected turning 
That must be traversed 
With a careful, strained patience
That stretches our capacity 
For compassion, for understanding

To be a witness is to willingly
Be filled with a fearful watching
Our heart in our hands our offering
For we cannot always fix this hurt

We can only hold a sacred space
For healing, for comfort, for loving
And wait for our heart to beat again
Wait for that feeling of divine wholeness 
To return again, sing us home again

And this is where we will find 
That sacred state of grace 
We were seeking all along

13 March 2015, 7:00 am, 
West Sussex, England

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