Friday, 27 May 2011

The Shy Smile of a Summer Pink Flower

A lovely shrub rose spotted on our way to the park ~ photography by me ©Robin Dalton May 2011

all the more I wish to see
in those blossoms at dawn
the face of a god

Alas, due to poor health,

I do not write as much as I used to do.
I do not photograph as much as I used to do.
I do still take Dixie on small adventures
Trying not to wince in pain
Trying to make my smile
the only thing she sees.

Watching her run

Watching her tail wag
While she waits for the ball
to be thrown by me.

Searching the skies

for fluffy white clouds
against a heavenly blue background

Admiring summer flowers

when I happen upon them

This is truly the best pain relief

Even if I do suffer for it later

These lovely pink flowers

we discovered in the Sister's hedge.

The Sisters are two elderly sisters

who purchased a lovely house
completely dwarfed by fragrant jasmine,
a huge magnolia tree
and massive flowering shrubbery.

I have been told

that in the olden days
their house was once
the police station.

Now, on special days

they sell free range eggs
And if you are very lucky
you might see one of them
returning from our small high street
on her bicycle
They always nod to me
and smile at Dixie

These flowers are part

of the the massive
towering shrubbery
blocking their house from view
and entertaining us
on our way to
McIntyre's field for our
dog walking adventures.

In this way

we are not only blessed
but reminded of our blessings
by the shy smile of a pink flower.

If you've never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom. ~Terri Guillemets

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. ~unknown

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