Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Champagne Memories: Inspired by an Old Poem

The Nine Stones, July 2009 ~ Photography by me

Not much of a post today, as the vast majority of my brain is away with the faeries, in a place much like this photograph...

But while I was looking for something else on the bookshelf in my bedroom, I found an old journal with an old unfinished poem. I had intended merely to type it up so I would have an electronic copy of it, but as I typed the second sentence, I began to fall into some kind of stream of consciousness, probably completely self-absorbed, fantasy world...

Alas, my Ultimate Blog Post #3 is composed of completely meaningless words thrown together to create a lost image of lost friends...

Champagne Memories: Inspired by an Old Poem

I am drinking champagne

and thinking about you.

Bubbles rush to the surface

tickle my nose,

make me giggle.

I am trying to turn

my memories of you

into a forgotten song.

Quietly listening

for the sound of your laughter

that so filled my senses with music.

Instead find myself

filtering out the pain

and losing the passion,

giggles turning into sighs.

I had forgotten

how fleeting are memories,

naturally fading to watercolour

reduced to vague shapes,

forgotten sounds,

rich colours now in soft focus.

With a soft cry

I suddenly realise,

I only

remember you

as gone.


  1. Lost and bereft what a sad poem. Its haunting atmostphere matches the photographso well

  2. This is beautiful Robin, a very good poem. It's the truth and today I'm thinking that poetry is about cutting close to the bone of personal truth and maybe all that form, meter, and imagery and other devices we talk about endlessly over beer and champagne is nothing to charging the dark and peeling back the shrouds that covered the demons we've hid from so long. At least that's what I said about Brendan's poem and I believe it this afternoon, alone on a beautiful spring day with two yellow cats who haven't learned to speak to each other yet.

  3. No, not completely meaningless. A wonderful image - old friendships as champagne bubbles that tickle the nose, make you giggle, fizzle, and are gone. And a powerful poignant ending.

    I suspect you're saying 'stream of consciousness, self-absorbed', because you know you can say it better. Taking those images, champagne, forgotten songs, watercolors now in soft focus ... and tightening the focus and structure. Letting the imagery speak without the explanation - 'filtering out the pain/losing the passion'. Is that it?

    Thanks for sharing, Robin.

  4. Hi! There's a lot of meaning here, such as the difference between nostalgia and reality. I can just sense the juicy unsaid backstory. :-)