Thursday, 10 March 2011

Some Thoughts on Light, Hope and Ash Wednesday

Crocuses from my front garden taken by me, Robin Dalton ~ 24 Feb 2011

As many of you know I have found myself enveloped by much darkness of late. I struggle to keep my face turned to the light, to let thoughts of hope be the first things I think...

And, then, today I  found this on my Facebook page from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes
(of Women Who Run With Wolves fame) ... By the way, if you are on Facebook, she has some really lovely posts.

A soul asks about Ash Wednesday, A holy day for those who are followers of The Christ, the God of Love who in this day is sent to fast in the desert for 40 days ....and more.

The Grandmother Blessing

I'll tell it to you the way
Katerin, our 'old believer' 
grandmother told it to me:

By these ashes you shall recall:

From dust thou art made,
to dust thou shalt return...

just remember,
in the translations
of monk to monk scribe
language to language,
a drop of sweat on the parchment,
the ink not dry and rubbed
accidentally by the sleeve
of the rising robe...

(and she'd bend down as 
though she were a great raptor
ready to take flight, and whisper
that she had it on good authority
from 'You Know Who' that 
the greatest Scientist-Creator
of theEntireThen, theEverNow,
and theEverWillBe, that it all
really went this way:

From (star)dust thou art made
To (star)dust thou shalt return

Do not forget.


Ash Wednesday for the last many hundreds of years has been a time of mourning and reconciliation between the devout and Creator. In the Holy Book of Christians, which gives rise to the concept, Ash Wednesday is the beginning of 40 days of fasting in the desert (Lent), being tempted, as in, being afflicted by doubts and sidetracked by various soul stealers... and eventually, coming to the sorrow of seeing the Child of Love be beaten and killed.

Though there is no emphasis in many churches, the mourning and reconciliation ought, by my sights, also be extended to relationships with others and with oneself for 'the idea behind the idea,' is that The Child of Light can never be extinguished, not in us, not in any reality.

Sometimes, for many of us, remembering such, each in his or her own way, is the filament that resonates: light to Light... and reveals again as an invisible ink held over the steam, what our true shape actually is... a holy one.

and with love,

"The Grandmother Blessing" is a poem from manuscript La Pasionaria, The Bright Angel, ©1988, 2011, Dr. C.P. Estés, all rights reserved.

As for me, I try to remember that my 'soul' purpose in this life is to be a 'light in the darkness'. Sometimes that means I have to first embrace the darkness, so I can then shine a great big light on it. Blessings, ~ from me.

A Light in the Darkness~ Candles in a pub by me, Robin Dalton

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