Monday, 21 February 2011

How to Add the Good Reads Widget to Your Blogger Home Page

Photograph of Robin's birthday card sent by Libby by Robin Dalton

I have had some people ask me how to get the GoodReads widget on their blog, so I thought I would type up a post really quickly. Needless to say, this works for all widgets. Enjoy.

My apologies for boring those of you who already know this or couldn't care less...

Go to the My Books page on GoodReads
On the left is a menu
Click on Widgets
Highlight the displayed code, followed by Control C

Go to your Blog Page
Log In to your account
Click on Design (in the upper right hand corner just to the left of Log Out)
Click on Add Gadget
Scroll down to HTML/Java script
Click on the + sign
Type in the Title you want to show on your Blog page
i.e., What I'm Reading
Paste the code in the box ( Control V)

It will place it at the top of your column
You will need to drag and drop it the location of your choice.


  1. Hi Robin

    Thanks for this I now have a library list on my blog!


  2. I'm so glad I was able to help. I kept seeing people mention it on Twitter and decided doing a short, if somewhat quick and not very poetic at all, post explaining it might come be helpful.

  3. Hi Robin
    So happy that you like the card. It made me think of you. Hope you're feeling better Libby xx

  4. I love that card, Libby!! I have several photographs that I took of it. Using it on this post really doesn't do it justice. Will use it for something better, later.

    As for my health, recovery is slow... but think I am a bit better. Thank you for asking...