Tuesday, 21 December 2010

My Thursday According to StarIQ

  Thursday could be a interesting, dare I say 'good' day for me according to:
 StarIQ Forecast

 Dec 23, 2010

Transiting Mars Trine Natal Jupiter

Invest your energies fully into adventure, romance, the love of life and the desire for knowledge. Any one or more of these activities reaps fruitful reward. Demonstrate generous and magnanimous acts with your energy. Give freely of yourself. Share your experiences. Invention, innovation and dramatic creativity burst forward with nova-like expanse. Write, design, articulate and create. Your efforts are rewarded and heralded. Take time and effort for the things you always say you'd do "if so and so happened." It is.

In addition, other influences can add complexity to the day.

Transiting Mercury Trine Natal Pluto 

Your mind is very deep, able to probe below the surface and come up with information not visible to the rest of the world. You know what's essential now, and what needs to be cut out. This suggests great focus, clarity and power that can help you move the minds of others with relative ease. You understand how much to push and exactly where to apply pressure to get the results that you want. You are able to take in difficult news with objective detachment, and to share it with great tact and discretion.

Transiting Mercury Conjunct Natal Sun 

Think you have a good idea of who you are? Great. Let everyone know. Spit it out there. No need to hold back. Be clear. Be succinct. Be forthright. This burst creates a chance for you to clarify everything that you ever wanted anyone to know about you through your personal declarations. Eliminate the feeling that people do not understand you. Remember, a little goes a long way. Avoid tendencies to repeat a joke when well received. Same rule remains true with self-proclamation.

I almost feel hopeful!!

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