Monday, 12 July 2010

Here... With the Sea

Here... With the Sea, originally uploaded by robinintheuk.
By Pablo Neruda

I came here to tell of the bells
that live in the sea
that dream of the sea ---
Within the sea.

Thus I live here.

This was taken on the beach at Shoreham Fort. Behind me are the ruins of a Victorian Fort. In 1913 a Film Company was formed by FL Lyndhurst called Sunny South Film Company. Little Dorrit was apparently filmed there.

But on this day, the Daltons just wandered through the pebbles looking for the occasional seashell which would cause us to ooh and ahh like children who have retained their innocence. Dixie chased her ball.

The sky changed from sunny to stormy to a sort of odd mixture of light and shadow much like an impressionistic painting.

So another blip of the sea...

I am constantly amazed by the sea and its changing face...

... Thus I live here...

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