Sunday, 11 July 2010

Geraniums Make Me Smile

Geraniums Make Me Smile, originally uploaded by robinintheuk.

By the sea, lying
blue as a mackerel,
our boarding house was streaked
as though it had been crying.

Extraordinary geraniums
crowded the front windows,
the floors glittered with
assorted linoleums.

from A Summer's Dream by Elizabeth Bishop

I have fallen greatly behind on the submission of blips... This was taken several days ago late in the evening: red and pink geraniums in a window box outside my kitchen window. My eye is continually drawn to them.

Almost twenty years ago I made my first visit to Europe. It was a feast for all the senses.

However, to this day one of my clearest memories is of lovely window boxes and planters filled with bright red geraniums. The mere memory makes me want to sit outside, write bad poetry, drink cold wine and occasionally meditate on the meaning of life and why geraniums make me smile...

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