Monday, 19 July 2010

Dixie Has Her Day

Dixie Has Her Day, originally uploaded by robinintheuk.

Every dog has his day.
-- Miguel de Cervantes

I think we are drawn to dogs because they are the uninhibited creatures we might be if we weren't certain we knew better.
-- George Bird Evans

Today is Dixie's favourite day of the year: The Brighton RSCPCA Open Day. Not only is it where we found her, but every year she gets to meet the man that rescued her in Waterford, Ireland. And every year, she remembers him and wriggles and whines like a pupply when she spots him. Three years and she still hasn't forgotten him.

Besides the outstanding opportunity to run around with all the other dogs, they have dog show competitions. Nothing too competitive, just a bunch of dogs standing in a circle waiting for their tummy rubs. This year we entered Dixie in the best Irish Rescue Dog, as we did last year. Waterford Animal Welfare
rescue a lot of dogs every year and bring them to the Brighton RSCPCA for homing, so the competition was pretty stiff: a lot of cuties out there. She's never won but it's a lot of fun!! Obviously, we know and tell her daily that she really is the best dog in the world...

This year she won THIRD PLACE!!!

This is a photo of her with her rosette pinned to her collar. As you can see, she wasn't sure about the whole wearing of the rosette thing but she was very still and polite for the photo taking (a true star).

She has learned that it is best just to stay still and wait out the whole picture taking thing because that woman with the camera just won't give up and she's the one who feeds her.

So today is Dixie's Day!! Lift your glasses...

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