Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Dreaming of the Strawberry Days of Summer

One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quotes

This is actually a photo of one of my alpine strawberry plants... tiny little strawberry plants with tiny little strawberries on it. I planted a few plants in pots last year. Lo and behold they have begun to bear fruit... tiny, itsy bitsy little fruit, but fruit nonetheless.

I am extraordinarily pleased. They have also sent out runners outside of their little pots and are spreading. They even appear to be overtaking the weeds. What a Result!!

Whenever I think of strawberries, I think of kisses. In a perfect world, every time you took a bite of a strawberry, you would get a kiss... prefererably with some sort of chocolate sauce involved!!

I was going to call this photo: Dreaming of Summer Kisses. I then discovered there is a rather dreadful Australian tweeny pop song called Summer Kisses. It spoiled the image for me.

Where I was born and grew up strawberries were always associated with summer, with strawberry shortcake, with grandmothers making strawberry preserves in big pots on their kitchen stoves: Strawberry Days of Summer.

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