Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Stone Angel

Stone Angel, originally uploaded by robinintheuk.

Although Dixie and I made an attempt to have a good run around the dog park, Dixie was overly friendly with passersby.. they were not amused... So we took a walk to an isolated grave yard. Isolated in the sense that it is not attached to the local parish church and is rather sporadically maintained. We found high grass and tangled ivy everywhere. But we also found this lovely angel.

I have photographed it before with daffodils blooming at its feet last Easter. However, no daffodils today... just high grass and gloomy gray clouds. It has been a very moody day.. I like the sepia tone effect as it seems to go with the gloomy isolation of the place. Even taking all that into consideration, I love how stone angels seem to embody peace and a stillness of the soul.

In the last dark hour
Of the night,
Angels come to love us
And awaken us.

Sri Chinmoy

Uploaded by robinintheuk on 19 May 10, 1.37PM BST.

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