Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My Penne Bolognese

Directions for Robin's Rather Humble Penne Bolognese:


  • 500 g of lean steak mince
  • cloves of garlic
  • red onion
  • green pepper
  • red pepper
  • Bertolli Basil Pasta Sauce
  • Lloyd Grossman’s Puttanesca Pasta Sauce
  • Chianti Classico Red Wine
  • fresh herbs
  • black and green olives
  • grated parmesan
  • sliced fresh chestnut mushrooms
  • Seeds of Change Organic Penne

  • Brown 500 g of lean steak mince in a skillet
  • Chop up cloves of garlic - I use a lot… today I chopped three pretty good size cloves (however, it was also all I had :)
  • Cook garlic until soft in just a wee bit of olive oil - do not overcook
  • Add chopped red onion, ½ chopped green pepper and ½ chopped red pepper to garlic and cook until soft

  • I would really like to say that I make my own sauce from scratch, but I haven’t done that since Jason was a little boy...

  • So instead I use two jars of groovy pasta sauce:
  • My fave combo is: Bertolli Basil Pasta Sauce and Lloyd Grossman’s Puttanesca Pasta Sauce
  • I add these to the browned mince with a little red wine (preferably something Italian… I prefer Chianti Classico)

  • I also drink just a little bit of the wine while I cook - I really think that helps the flavour quite a lot!! :)

  • Because it’s spring, we have the luxury of fresh herbs: fresh basil, oregano and thyme, with a small amount rosemary and normally we use fresh marjoram but it’s not looking so good after our dreadful winter.
  • But in the winter I add dried oregano, dried basil and dried Italian Seasoning
  • Toss your herbs into the sauce and salt and pepper to taste
  • If we have olives (which we do today), we chop up black and green olives (from the deli case) to add to the sauce.
  • Grate a little parmesan (or parmesan/pecorino - whatever your favourite cheese is) into the sauce
  • About ten minutes before you’re ready to serve sauce, add sliced fresh chestnut mushrooms (I remove the stems because I think they taste too woody)
  • We use Seeds of Change Organic Penne - I think it is the best tasting penne (it stays firm - doesn’t get too slimy - I can’t abide slimy pasta) but I’m not a fan of egg pasta, not least because I have an intolerance to eggs, so can’t eat them anyway.
  • Boil up your penne according to package directions (10 minutes) - don’t overcook
  • Drain and toss with just a little bit of olive oil

  • Serve with a bowl of grated parmesan on the side and let each diner add as much as they wish… sometimes a put a few leaves of fresh basil on top of each serving as a garnish.

That’s it!! …easy peasey!!

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