Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Lavender coming back...

Lavender coming back..., originally uploaded by robinintheuk.

Okay, so this is the thing: I spent the entire day completely obsessed with my new Android phone (I think there might some kind of hidden app in there that seduces its owners:). This is (sadly) the only photo I took today and that one merely because I was trying to configure the Picture Messaging capability. I'm not exactly sure I accomplished that task.. So anyway I took this photo as a test photo and then the next thing I knew the day had just slipped away. Still working on the best way to transfer photos from phone to PC, however..

However, I am quite pleased that after a winter of snow and sleet, the lavender I irresponsibly left out is coming back... lovelier than ever. Plant loyalty is a beautiful thing. Don't you just love Spring!!!

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